Verslo finansavimas - Kreditai verslui

New generation business financing. 
Online. Within 1 hour. Without collateral.

How does it work
Why SME Finance?
Fast, very fast
We provide the financing solution within 1 business day, and we can even pay out the money within 1 hour.
More flexible and simpler
We offer tailor-made financing solutions,  taking into account the specific features of the Client's activities. We need just a  few documents (financial reports and the data from the Buyers) to make a decision.
Security guaranteed
We can provide commodity credit insurance coverage and compensate for the losses incurred due to your customers unfulfilled obligations.
250 056 669 €
Sum of invoices financed since 2016
10 000 € to 2 000 000 €
Financing limit for one client
97+ years
Time we have saved for our clients
Easier than in a bank
Submit a request online
Fill in the request for financing in the SME Finance system, it will take less than 1 minute.
Receive financing offer
We only need a few documents to prepare the offer for you (your financial statements and customer's details). The offer will be prepared within 1 business day and it will cost you nothing.
Upload invoices and use funds
After we have agreed on the most favorable conditions and signed the contract, we will transfer the money for the financed invoices within 1 hour. Use your funds immediately aсcording to your needs.

New generation financing
Clear and simple pricing
You can use our services according to your individual needs. We do not charge any fees for consultation, registration or long-term commitment. You pay interest on outstanding balance and only for the days you use it.
Invoice value
Invoice payment term
You will receive immediately
You will receive after the customer pays
Financing cost
Submitted figures are standard pricing
More than 400 businesses in Europe trust SME Finance
Saved up to 97 years for customers waiting for invoice payment.
SME Finance saw a big picture in our vision. The process of raising capital for our idea was very quick. Other than that, it was just easy.
SME Finance values not only raw financial data, but also the perspectives of the business.
The financing procedure was very fast, with no meetings required. Therefore, the decision was made very quickly and flexibly.
By using factoring, we recover most of our invested funds immediately, so we can continue to expand without waiting for our partners to sell their goods.
A.Tumėno g. 4-15, LT-01109
T: +370 634 11115
A.Tumėno g. 4-15, LT-01109
T: +48 732 121115
A.Tumėno g. 4-15, LT-01109
T: +372 88 40881
A.Tumėno g. 4-15, LT-01109
T: +371 247 79466
Grow at ease
We help companies to grow in the entire world. We are leaders of non-bank financing operations in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland (we have branches these countries). We are cooperating with customers in the entire Europe and we are backing up buyers’ invoices in the entire world.

Enter your email address or telephone number, and we will prepare a proposal
Enter your email address or telephone number, and we will prepare a proposal
Enter your email address or telephone number, and we will prepare a proposal
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