Business loans

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    Short term business loans

    financing of investment projects (non-current assets);
    partial or full refinancing of bank loans;
    supplementing working capital; refinancing of shareholder loans;
    acquisition of shares by purchasing or selling a company;
    partial or full financing of an EU-supported project;
    seasonal loans;
    All business entities and farmers are eligible to be loan recipients.
    Loans can be granted with or without pledging of property.


    The process for receiving a loan is very simple:


    1. Please complete an application to obtain financing.
    2. Once we have assessed your needs and the data of the Company, we will ask you to send the necessary documents.
    3. Once we have received all the information, we will provide an offer for financing within 1 day.


    Fast, very fast

    We provide the financing solution within 1 business day, and we can even pay out the money within 1 hour.

    More flexible and simpler

    We offer tailor-made financing solutions, taking into account the specific features of the Client's activities. We need just a few documents (financial reports and the data from the Buyers) to make a decision.

    Security guaranteed

    We can provide commodity credit insurance coverage and compensate for the losses incurred due to your customers unfulfilled obligations.