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Flexi Finance

Get the financing you need when you need it.

Flexi Finance is a hassle-free and affordable financing solution, for when you need it the most. Access up to 5 million euros with up to 3 years repayment period, anytime and for any business expense.

Credit Line

Flexi Finance offers a range of benefits, including:


Access up to 5 million euros at any time with up to 3 years repayment period.


Only pay interest on the amount you see when you use it.


Receive an offer in just 1 business day.

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How "Flexi Finance" works?

After filling out the financing application online, you will be granted a monetary limit which you can use flexibly to meet your business's working capital needs.
After submitting the documents, the funds will reach you within 1 hour.
You will only need to repay the amount you borrowed, and you can use the remaining funds later.
After repaying the entire borrowed amount, your limit is renewed, and you can use the funds again.

Flexi Finance is the perfect solution, if:

Do not know exactly when the money will be needed.
Do not know the exact final amount of your expenses.
Want to have a working capital safety net.

How do I get Flexi Finance?


Fill in the application or contact: [email protected]


Get a call from us in 1 hour.


Provide additional documents (if needed).


Receive an offer in 1 business day.

Why SME Finance?

More flexible and simple

We offer a wide range of tailor-made financing solutions for working capital and more. Whether you're an SME, e-shop, or freelancer, we've got you covered!

Embedded solutions

We offer embedded finance solutions via API integrations for non-financial businesses to create a seamless customer experience.

AI-driven fast decision making

Our advanced AI technology enables us to provide accurate, unbiased lending decisions within just one hour.

Security guaranteed

Your security is our top priority. We provide credit insurance coverage and use cutting-edge technology to manage risks and ensure financial stability.

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