Invoice Finance

Don't stop your business because of unpaid invoices!

Invoice financing (factoring) is an alternative financing method which allows you to get the money for goods and services instantly, without waiting for buyers to pay in the agreed term.

* Invoice financing can be one-time service or based on long-term partnership.


Benefits of invoice financing:

Protects your working capital

You don’t have to use your working capital to cover unpaid invoices and delayed payments.

Easy to use

We will take care of the administration of invoices.

It saves your time

You only need to upload your invoices.


You will get money for your invoice in 1 hour after uploading.


A tailored solution for every kind and size of business.


In case of insolvency, insurance covers the invoice.

What do we offer?

No minimum number of invoices.
Interest rate from 0,75 % / month.
Invoice financing limit up to 5 million euros.
No collateral needed.
Financing up to 90 % of invoice.
Up 180 days deferred payment term.
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How does it work?

The Seller sells the products or provides the services to the Buyer and issues the invoice with delay (30-90 days).
The Buyer accepts the products/services and signs the invoice.
The invoice is provided to the Factoring Company (SME Finance)
The Factoring Company (SME Finance) makes an advance payment of up to 90% amount of the invoice to the Seller.
Having received the payment from the Buyer, the Factoring Company deducts the advance payment made as well as the interest accumulated, and then transfers the remaining amount to the Seller.

Types of invoice financing


Financing of invoices your company issues to its customers – no matter if your customers are in the same country or overseas.


Financing of invoices issued by your company when the customer is not notified about that.

How do I get invoice financing?

Transfer your invoices to SME Finance, and we will take care of them - meanwhile letting you grow your company.


Fill in the application or contact: [email protected]


Get a call from us in 1 hour.


Provide additional documents (if needed).


Receive an offer in 1 business day.

Why SME Finance?

More flexible and simple

We offer a wide range of tailor-made financing solutions for working capital and more. Whether you're an SME, e-shop, or freelancer, we've got you covered!

Embedded solutions

We offer embedded finance solutions via API integrations for non-financial businesses to create a seamless customer experience.

AI-driven fast decision making

Our advanced AI technology enables us to provide accurate, unbiased lending decisions within just one hour.

Security guaranteed

Your security is our top priority. We provide credit insurance coverage and use cutting-edge technology to manage risks and ensure financial stability.

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