What is factoring?

Factoring – is advance payment of the invoices issued by your company. You will receive immediate payment for goods and services supplied without waiting for the agreed settlement term.

The financing of amounts receivable is based on the transfer of the right of claim to the factoring company in return for a monthly fee from 0,5% of the amount transferred. When transferring the right of claim to the factoring company you in that relation transfer the administration of the invoice payment.

You will no lpnger have to remind your customers about overdue payments, this will be done by our specialists. If your customer delays in settling the debt, you will be covered by the Coface insurance of amounts receivable.

The service can be once-off, or based on a longer-term cooperation contract. You do not need to pledge your assets in order to avail of the service.


Types of factoring:


Financing of the invoices your company issues to its customers, when your customers are in the same country.


Financing of the invoices your company issues to its foreign customers.


Financing of the invoices issued to your company by suppliers.


Financing of the invoices issued by your company when the Customer is not notified about that.

Tax factoring

Payment of the taxes charged to your company (including salaries).

How factoring works

Thefactoring process is very simple:

1. The Seller sells the products or provides the services to the Buyer and issues the invoice with delay (30-90 days).
2. The Buyer accepts the products/services and signs the invoice.
3. The invoice is provided to the Factoring Company.
4. The Factoring Company makes an advance payment of up to 90% amount of the invoice to the Seller.
5. Having received the payment from the Buyer, the Factoring Company deducts the advance payment made as well as the interest accumulated, and then transfers the remaining amount to the Seller.

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Clear and simple pricing
Invoice value
Invoice payment term
Submitted figures are standard pricing
You will receive immediately
You will receive after the customer pays
Financing cost
Benefit of factoring to the Seller

The money is paid
within 1 business day

There is the possibility to sell more,
because the money received can be used again

Simple and clear
process of financing

Insurance of
amounts receivable

Benefit of factoring to the Buyer

Released cash flows

Possibility to offer
a longer deferred payment

Clear and valuable
settlement procedure (30-90 days)