Classic invoice discounting

Factoring – is advance payment of the invoices issued by your company. You will receive immediate payment for goods and services supplied without waiting for the agreed settlement term.

The financing of the amounts receivable is based on the transfer of the right to the claims to the factoring company for a monthly fee of 0.5-2%. When transferring the right of claim to a factoring company you therefore transfer the invoice payment administration.
You will no longer have to remind your customers about overdue payments, this will be done by our specialists. If your customer delays in settling the debt, you will  be covered by the Coface insurance of amounts receivable.

The service can be once-off, or based on a longer-term cooperation contract. You do not need to pledge your assets in order to avail of the service.

Business loans

We provide loans for a term of up to one year for business development:

  • financing of investment projects (non-current assets);
  • partial or full refinancing of bank loans;
  • supplementing working capital; refinancing of shareholder loans;
  • acquisition of shares by purchasing or selling a company;
  • partial or full financing of an EU-supported project;
  • seasonal loans;

All business entities and farmers are eligible to be loan recipients.
Loans can be granted with or without pledging of property.

Insurance of receivables

Insurance of receivables is an additional service to small and medium-sized business that allows minimising a range of business risks and ensures the presence of the financial flows required for operations and development. Based on a cooperation agreement with one of the world’s largest business management groups Coface, the SME Finance company can identify and assess potential risks, provide appropriate insurance coverage and compensate for any loss incurred due to defaults on the part ofcustomers.

Tailor-made financing solutions

Tailor-made solutions are individual financing solutions distinguished for their non-standardised financing processes and terms. The services   provided include the following: warehouse (inventories) financing; financing of signed sales contracts, following the award of a tender; financing of (part) of business purchase-sale transactions; provision of seasonal loans, financing with a repurchase right, etc.

The possibility to obtain short-term (up to one year) loans with or without property pledging and of a range of purposes, for instance:  financing of investment projects (non-current assets), partial or full financing of bank loans, supplement of working capital; refinancing of shareholder loans; equity participation by selling or purchasing a company; partial or full financing of EU-support projects; seasonal loans. All business entities and farmers may be eligible to be loan recipients.

The team of SME Finance are specialists with more than 10 years’ professional expertise working in banks with large, medium-sized and small businesses in Lithuania.  Our team is ready to consult you on long-term and short-term financing, finance management, investment issues and will tailor a solution most beneficial for you.